Our prices

You can’t put a price on peace of mind. We’re not the cheapest – and that’s intentional. Like you invest in your home, we invest our time in a quality service. We won’t cut corners to save time and we won’t compromise on quality.

With Able Plumbing you’ll only pay once

We won’t shake our head, take a deep breath and pluck a price out of thin air. Our costs are competitive and considered. They reflect our expertise and the experience of our engineers. We’re transparent about our pricing, just as we are every aspect of our plumbing service:


Monday - Friday (excluding VAT @ 20%)

Gas boiler service
Domestic gas safety check (CP12)
Unvented cylinder service
Gas boiler service and Gas safety check
Gas boiler service and Unvented cylinder service
Gas boiler service, gas safety check and Unvented cylinder service
LPG boiler service
Oil boiler service
Gas Fire Service
LPG boiler safety check (Domestic dwelling)
Commercial servicing and gas safety certificate

Hourly rates

Monday - Friday (excluding VAT @ 20%)

Domestic Gas engineer
Oftec Oil engineer
LPG Engineer
Commerical Gas engineer
Out of hours call out (Subject to availability)

How we work

  • We charge a minimum of 1-hour on hourly rate work. We then charge per 15-minute units after
  • Payment must be made in full upon receipt of the invoice by credit/debit card (our chip & pin machines provide a secure method)
  • Commercial boiler & gas safety certificates are charged at commercial & gas hourly rates
  • All materials are charged at special trade prices plus a 35% mark up and are subject to VAT or RRP price whichever is lowest
  • Material collection for non-van stock items is kept to a minimum and will not be charged for more than 45 minutes on a job even if it exceeds this
  • You’ll receive a digital invoice (unless you ask for a hard copy). These show a full description of works including times and a full breakdown of labour and materials
  • You won’t be charged a surcharge for credit card payments


Q. I have got a dripping tap and need it fixing, will you charge me even if you can’t resolve it on the first visit?
A. We have carefully selected all the items we carry as van stock to minimise the number of jobs that can’t be fixed there and then. If your issue can’t be resolved immediately and local suppliers don’t have the part needed, then we would diagnose the fault and find the required part numbers to order for a further visit. The initial diagnostic visit would be chargeable and we would send a quote for the repairs. We are more than happy to provide an estimate of costs via photos and we could then order parts to bring to carry out the works.

Q. My boiler is 15 years old and I am looking to replace it for a new one, would you charge me for a quote?
A. No, Andy or James carry out our quoting and they will attend and carry out a no obligation quote for your boiler replacement. This will take into account best working practices, manufacturers requirements and building regulations to ensure your home is compliant. Alternatively, please click the following link which will take you to our online boiler quoting tool and if that looks suitable, we can then arrange a visit to confirm the works and arrange for installation for you.

Q. Why are some of your rates more expensive than some other companies?
A. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, our friendly team and the ability to be there when you need us. But human time and skillset comes at a cost which we have to pass on. We have a dedicated team in the office to manage quoting, bookings, responding to calls and emails along with managing parts and stock. This ensures your plumbing and heating problems are resolved quickly and that you can trust we’ll be there to help when you need us.