Avoiding Catastrophe: 3 Plumbing Issues You Shouldn’t Ignore

30 June 2023

Did you know that home plumbing projects are the number one do-it-yourself disaster in the UK? Plumbing issues make us all want to give the problem a fix, but some plumbing problems are more difficult than you expect. What issues can you not afford to ignore?

From leaky pipes to low water pressure, there are plenty of warning signs to look for. Here are some of the symptoms you can’t ignore.

1. Difficulty Flushing or Draining

When flushing, you may find that the water isn’t draining correctly.

You may also find that the water isn’t draining properly from your basins or sinks. These issues are often interconnected.

A clogged waste pipe or drain is a frequent cause of this problem. Have a professional plumber come to diagnose the problem as soon as possible.

2. Discoloured Water

Have you ever turned your tap on to find discoloured water flowing? If your water is a shade of brown or not the colour you expect, don’t use it!

Water that’s changed colours may have contamination from something around the pipe. A broken pipe may have dirt or other contamination entering for example.

These materials can carry diseases and illness into your home. Make sure you have a plumbing professional come diagnose the problem immediately.

3. Strange Sounds or Air

A final example is hearing strange sounds from your drains. Do you hear a gurgling under your sink when it isn’t in use? Perhaps there’s air coming up from your toilet’s pipes?

If you have these issues, you may have some sort of clog that’s messing with your pipes. A broken pipe is also a common cause. It’s best to have a professional diagnose the issue for you.

Handling Your Urgent Plumbing Issues

These plumbing issues are some of the many common problems you may find yourself dealing with. Make sure you’re having your pipes and sinks inspected on an annual basis. Doing so can help you avoid catastrophe.

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